Laminar Flow Cabinet, Vertical Type, LCB-V Series

  1. Cleanliness: Class 100
  2. Size: 3 feet – 6 feet
  3. Operation door: One side, two sides
  4. HEPA filter: 99.999% efficiency at 0.3um
  5. Protection: sample only


Laminar Flow Cabinet/ Clean Bench

Product introduction

The super clean workbench is mainly applied in various scientific research and production areas concerning electronic technique, aviation and aerospace, precision instruments, fine chemical industry, medical foods, and agronomic research, etc. This series of products can provide a locally air-cleaned, dustless and germless work environment, which presents good effect in improving process conditions and guaranteeing high product precision, purity and reliability.


LCB-V series features

1. The operating surface with 10° inclination relieves the oppressive feeling of operators; it is transparent, elegant and convenient for use inside and outside the large glass window at both sides of the work space; and the foot wheels of universal joint bearings are easily movable, highlighting the quality value;

2. Vertical laminar flow design,304 stainless steel bench surface; and 85% clean air circulation, relieving the blowing feeling of perators and scientifically prolonging the filter lifer;

3. All-steel and frame structure; seamless and screw-free inne wall and ceiling,providing no dead angle with bacteria;lead-free and non- toxic outer surface, friendly to the environment;

4. Stepless and frequency variable speed regulation system in combination with membrane switch control,on-site dynamic balance technology in conjunction with high strength structure,guaranteeing low noise operation and operator hearing protection;

5. Grid-type bench surface design to ensure minimal vibration; super-high work space layout which is most apporopriate for microscope applications;

6. Using ultra-thin and barrier-free filter,and adopting the design of complete machine and small geometric dimensions which is more appropriate for application in narrow space;

7. Front gravitational equilibrium-type sliding window which has an intrinsic safety design,ensuring the operator armas will not be punctured in case of failure,and providing stable rise-and-fall and free positioning;

8. The coarse filter is replaceable to prolong the filter life;


Parameter/Model LCB-V900 LCB-V1300
W ×D×H (including the bracket) 1038×740×1934 1478×740×1934
Work space dimensions (mm) W ×D×H 920×680×700 1360×680×700
Applicable unmber of persons Single person and surface Double-person and single surface
Weight (kg) 165 210
Specification and quantity of efficient filters 875×510×50(piece1) 652×510×50(piece2)
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamps 20W×1 40W×1
Specification and quantity of UV lamps 20W×1 40W×1
Maximum power  consumption (including 500W from in-cabinet sockets) 660W 820W
Illuminance (Lux) ≥ 400
Cleanliness class Class 100(@ ≥ 0.5m Federal 209E)
Filtration efficiency Density of dust particles with the diameter ≥ 0.5 μm in each liter air in the work space: ≤ 3.5grains/L
Average wind speed (m/s) 0.25 ~ 0.60
Noise (dBA) ≤ 61
Power supply Single phase, AC 220V/50Hz
Laminar flow direction Vertical laminar flow
Material of work space 304 stainless steel
Material of cabinet Cold-rolled steel plate with plastic-spray treatment+tempered glass
Half peak value of bench surface vibration (μm) ≤5
Number of in-cabinet sockets 1
Control mode LED display+membrane switch
Circulatory air volume 85%
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