Smart Planting Chamber

50L Smart Planting Chamber - JP/JYPYX-A01/50L
LED LightsCool White
Intensity regulated through controller0 to 300μmol/m²/s
Lighting PositionTop
ControllerTouch Button
Remote Control SystemSmart Phone APP
Fresh Air SystemYes
Growing Volume51L
External Dimensions (WxDXH)530mm × 340mm × 420mm

Smart Planting Chamber
Start the AI ERA of Homely Planting

Time Saving

Lighting Solution

Life Science


Non-Seasonal Planting

Touch Controller

Product Details

Lighting Regulated


Full spectrum of 400nm to 700nm

Red : Green : Blue = 6 : 2 : 2

Smooth light emitting


Button Controller


New experience for planting

Intensity & lighting period are regulated


Planting regulated


➤ Sensors for lights, temperature, humidity, water supply & smooth air flow system.

Overall Process from Seed to Fruit

Get More Energy for Health

You can quickly grow healthy and delicious vegetables for your family while using simple type chamber

Using As A Science Book For Children


Under the guidance of adults, children can have close connection with the processes of growing plants, witness the growth of plants from seeds to fruits.It can also cultivate the abilities of manipulation, observation and writing. Opening the door of nature for children to explore the mystery of life.

Secret garden For Home Planting


Simple type chamber can not only grow vegetables, but also plant flowers.Set the light for 6-12 hours, the plant can grow faster and bring more green energy to the family.

Packing List

Smart Planting Chamber


Basket x 25

Foam with 25 holes


Power Cord

➤ 01

Fill appropriate water to the seedling tray, sprinkle the seeds evenly, and shade the seedling tray.

➤ 02

The seed coat ruptures and seed germination begins.After germination,the seedlings were moved to the foam and planting basket.

➤ 03

Make the nutrient prepared and transplant the seedlings to smart planting chamber for cultivation.

➤ 04

Nutrient planting can be started by setting light intensity and light duration on the chamber.

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