Seed Preservation Chamber

Product Overview /Applications

Seed preservation chamber is equipped with high and low temperature protection, which the chamber will be running safe condition and even if the chamber shut down itself when the interior temperature is higher or lower than the set safety temperature, in this why to make sure the samples can be protested in case of temperature influence. Also, the chamber is equipped with temperature and humidity sensor to make to ensure the safety of instruments and samples. Low intensity light with full spectrum is optional, which is conducive to preserve the experimental sample seeds for medium-term and short-term period, and takes the advantage of improving the activity and disease resistance.

Seed Preservation Chamber Models

300L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC300

500L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC500

500L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC500D

600L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC600

800L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC800

1000L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC1000

1600L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC1600

2000L Seed Preservation Chamber SPC2000

Product Details

Air Flow

Air flow is distributed uniformly outward from both sides of the walls and back through the air pump on back side of the cabinet, which using JIUPO innovative horizontal-air-refresh distribution plenum. Airflow is sufficient to ensure uniformity as well as proper gas exchange at the leaf surface. Fresh air intake can be adjustable which also helps to ensure adequate ambient gas exchange.




Self-contained air-cooled condensing unit with hot gas bypass system for continuous compressor operation, extended life and close temperature control. An electronic modulating valve provides tight temperature control while ensuring quiet operation. Pressure transducers are included for monitoring the status of the refrigeration system.

Solenoid valves have extended stem for quiet and long life operation.

➤ Rear chamber wall mounted evaporator coil incorporates an air circulation fan.


Safety Limits Controls


Adjustable high and low temperature / humidity / pressure controls, audible alarms, and visual indicators display on the screen.

Controls shut down all power to the chamber, activating alarms (when the temperature / humidity / pressure returns to the normal range the system will automatically reset).

➤ Backup “high / low” alarms provide a further level of protection while visual and audible notification is provided when any alarm is activated. Contacts for connection to a remote management system are also included.

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